Self Obsessed Meaning in Urdu [Full Definition]

Self Obsessed Meaning in Urdu mein hum apko Self Obsessed ka ful matlab batayenge. Aur iski mukamal definitions aur examples janenge.

Self Obsessed Meaning In Urdu
Self Obsessed Meaning Urdu


Self Obsessed ki Urdu mein Meaning kya hai?

Iss lafz Self Obsessed ka taluk english zuban se hai. Jiski meaning hoti hai “Khud junoon hai” (خود جنون ہے). Yeh bohut se jumlon (sentences) mein mukhtalif hawalon se istemal hota hai. Agar apko nhi bata to hum apko batayenge ke Self obsessed ko kaise jumlon mein istemal kya jata hai.

Self obsessed means in urdu: “صرف اپنی زندگی ، اپنی خوشی ، اپنی ظاہری شکل یا کسی اور چیز میں دلچسپی لینا یا سوچنا

Self Obsession for Person: Wo insaan jo sirf apne bare mein soche, sirf apne maffaad ke bare main sooche, jo har kaam main apne zaat ke liye soche, aur apne zindagi mein be had busy rehta ho. Aise shaks ko english mein self obsession kehte hai.

Self obsessed person meaning in urdu: “ایسا شخص جو اپنی ظاہری شخصیت اپنی زندگی کو لے کر بہت سوچتا ہو”

Self Obsessed ke 10 Examples Engilsh mein

#1: Celebrity artists are for most part self-obsessed , self-promoting neurotics.

#2: Churchill was, however, too self-obsessed to be a reliable friend.

#3: He was at a self-obsessed age, in a self-obsessed field, living in a self-obsessed era.

#4: He, unfortunately, represents the stereotypical self-obsessed American.

#5: His transition from self-created victim to self-obsessed nouveau adolescent, to the gently compassionate man his family actually needs is an extraordinary metamorphosis.

#6: Instead of helping to ease the situation, I allow my own self-obsessed feelings of guilt override my duties to a wounded friend.

#7: Obviously, he needed to get out from under a self-obsessed , over-bearing mother!

#8: The past few weeks have been bursting with the self-obsessed , stumbling Brit who generously lets us peruse her journal entries.

#9: Then there was an earlier episode where he recounts his near marriage to the self-obsessed Fiona.

#10: Travel is a paradoxical business – supposedly outgoing, in fact self-obsessed .

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